There are always two sides to they story. That's what makes it interesting. 

Jan-Willem Heim

Personal Data:

Born on 27th  October 1986

Nationality: German

Languages: german, english

Residence: Bonn, Germany


Bachelor in Sportsmanagement

Master in Sports- und Economic psychology



sports, hiking, traveling, food

Narrated career: 

Since his early age Jan-Willem Heim likes to be active. On the quest for the right sport he tested several different sports. Finally, his passion rowing arose. He is not only performance-oriented, but also engaged as a trainer in every town he lived in. 

After graduating, Jan-Willem travelled through Australia for half of a year. For years different cultures faszinated him and his interest in economy was high. Therefore he decided to study sportsmanagement in Cologne. At the end of his studies, he worked as an intern at the German Telekom AG. Working there, he discovered that sports and economy have a strong relationship. This lead him to follow a master studies in sports- and economicpsychology in Berlin. To date, Jan-Willem is fascinated by psychological issues.

In October 2013, his path lead him to WP Cooperationmanagement, where he still engaged in. Together with his young and international WP Team Jan-Willem is working on exciting projects.