I believe in honesty, hardwork and wisdom as the simplest formula for real success.

John Nnaji

Personal Data: : 

Born on 24th August 1982

Nationality: Nigerian

Languages: English, Spanish, (German)

Residence: Palma de Mallorca, Spain 


Master in Contemporary Philosophy

Master in Educational Technology

Doctorate in Philosophy



Teaching, race, traveling

Narrated career:  


Difficulties in early childhood taught John Nnaji how to survive on his own and not to surrender before challenges. He was fabulously curious and adventurous. But his interest in learning new things has landed him into a lot of troubles as well as out of them.


He did his undergraduate studies in Philosophy at the University of Ibadan (Nigeria). Later, he went to Spain to continue his postgraduate studies at the University of the Balearic Islands, where he earned his Ph.D with distinction. Before joining WP Kooperationsmanagement, he had worked in various countries. He worked as a teacher in Enugu (Nigeria), research assistant in Palma de Mallorca(Spain) and Lecturer at the University of Cape Coast (Ghana).


For John, the most valuable assets of a business or organisation are the people who individually and collectively contribute to proper realisation of its objectives and daily operations. Therefore, at WP Kooperationsmanagement, he employs his analytical and innovative skills acquired by years of experience to optimal organisation of businesses and firms through adequate human resource management.