Human and Technology

In a general sense, most employees are open to technology. That way, most technological changes can be easily implemented through seminars. Unfortunately, resistance can possibly emerge at sections where nobody would have thought it would. 


Therefore its not the technological aspect that can hinder the process of change,  but the fundamental change of employees secluded from technology. Softwareprograms hinder the employee's influence in their work that cannot be compensated with something else. In most cases, this is the underlying factor for resistance. Nevertheless, this negative response is not revealed at all or when its too late, due to the incapability to communicate their feelings of resistance consciously. 


Especially the introduction of CRM-programs in sales is a special challenge. On the one hand, some employees never have worked with a software before and need a basic introduction. On the other hand, aspects like "surveillance" and "restriction" surface. Salesman generally resist governance, transpareny, justification and structure, since their daily routine is shaped by freedom and independence. CRM-programs interfere with this independent existance. 


We believe that we have practical solutions to this problem! With the help of seminars and trainings we can lower uncertainty, avoid problems of acceptance and increase the probability for a successful implementation!