I am fascinated by development where nobody expects it.

Wolfgang Wolkenaer

Personal Data:

Born on 18th of October 1957 

Nationality: German
Languages: german, english, spanish

Residence: Mallorca, Spain


Apprenticeship as motorcar mechanic

Qualified psychologist (University of Cologne)



sailing, handball, Inline-Skating und traveling

Narrated career: 

Wolfgang Wolkenaer devoted his youth to social engagement in youth work, traveling and sports. He started playing handball in an early age and was an active trainer for 17 years, among others at Borussia Mönchengladbach. Unfortunately, it was not possible for him to continue training handball due to his workload. He switched to Inline-skating and sailing, which are his passions to date.  Apart from that, he followed an apprenticeship as a motorcar mechanic. 


After his A-levels and the closed apprenticeship, he followed community service in a home for disabled people. Before starting his studies as a qualified psychologist in Cologne, Wolfgang drove a 17.000 km long bike tour though the USA, which is still one of his favorite memories. Initially, he wanted to open a ranch for deprived teenagers. However, to make a living, he established his first company, a local retailer. That is where his fascination for entrepreneurial issues developed, which is why he founded the business consultancy WK after his studies. 


Between 1988 and 2003 WK advised clients such as Coca Cola, German Telecom and AVA. Up to 40 advisors worked under Wolfgang's guidance. In 2003, Wolfgang decided to relocate his residence to Mallorca, Spain, from where he still leads projects in Europe and Germany. Wolfgang is still an expert in terms of cooperation between companies and employees. His expertise to understand and solve difficult problems with practicable solutions is now the main theme of his agency WP Cooperation management. Together with young consultants, who profit from his knowledge, he supervises well-chosen clients in a professional manner.